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February 20, 2008

Find your polling station

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The Election Commission has updated their online electoral roll with polling station information. Go find out where you’re supposed to vote when polling day comes along.


Don’t forget to note down your polling stream as well as it’ll tell you which polling room you’re supposed to queue. If you forget, don’t worry as you should be able to look it up again at the polling station when you validate your IC with the EC officers, although my memory is a bit hazy.

I’m not too sure what that serial number is for.


February 18, 2008

Billi Lim the Epic Fail Guy

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Billi Lim Peng Soon, one of the regular freak-shows since the 1999 General Elections, makes his expected appearance in the Star today in not one but two separate articles.


He likes to bill himself as the Dare to Fail guy but I personally prefer to call him EPIC FAIL GUY since he didn’t do too great when he burst into the political scene like a smelly pimple in 1999.

P108 – BUKIT BINTANG (1999) Turnout: 38027 (60.5%)
Fong Kui Lun (BA – DAP) 19115
Lee Chong Meng (BN – MCA) 17981
Lim Peng Soon (IND – IND) 198

He did worse in 2004.

P120 – Bukit Bintang (2004) Turnout: 39640 (60.9%)
Fong Kui Lun (OPP – DAP) 19103
Tan Chew Mooi (BN – MCA) 18799
Wee Choo Keong (OPP – MDP) 1107
Billi Lim Peng Soon (IND – IND) 132

So he’s actually trending downwards in each election that he takes part in. At this rate he’ll be getting negative votes in the 2017 General Elections. So why bother about him at all? Any Malaysian should be free to contest as long as they’re eligible and can afford to fork out the RM10,000 deposit, right? At least that’s what I thought until:

“Anyway, I have not yet decided on standing this time but, if I do, my campaign will be out of this world, something out of the box,” said Lim, who admitted that standing for elections was also good publicity for him and his books, including the saleable Dare to Fail.

Two words for Billi Lim. F**k you.

Our country’s political process is not an advertising platform for you to pimp your books. It’s not a mine of anecdotal material for you to use in your motivational seminars. Do the constituents of Bukit Bintang and the rest of the country a favour and stay out this time. It’s one thing to contest elections with good intentions when you have zero chance of success, but it’s quite another when you happen to make a few bucks on the side from the free publicity that you get.

As if the news about DAP Perak’s implosion wasn’t depressing enough.

January 25, 2008


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With this election cycle looking to be the most favourable for Malaysia’s opposition parties, you’d think that they’d be smart enough to not step on each other’s toes?

Not so.

Not surprisingly, DAP and PKR are at it again. This is a repeat of 2004 where the parties haggled over the right to contest Ipoh Timur, now held by Opposition Leader and DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang.


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